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The agriculture, wine and olive oil production have been Tuscan treasures for thousands years and are known by the whole world.

There is probably no other place in the world, which would show a high level of civilization, history, art, culture, architecture and landscape as Tuscany.

Magical landscapes, which are still today almost identical to those seen in many Renaissance paintings. After all, what we find amazing about Tuscany, is complete and permanent harmony between city and countryside, between the peasant and urban scenery, between man and nature.

However everything, what we call the Tuscan countryside, is the result of hard and tenacious work of man. Not only did he respected the Tuscan beauty by its modelling and adapting to his needs but he also expanded it over the centuries by cultivation and architectural interventions, which have refined it significantly. Just think of the medieval settlements, preserved almost intact, since they were established on the top of hills, along with the mansions and rural manors with humble dwellings of the peasants. All these ancient villages make the impressive architectural heritage.

In this section we list some of the theme breaks, that can be combined with each other.  A specific theme "tailored-for-you" stay is always governed by your interest and requirements.

Rural tours – agrotourism
Excursions to Tuscany farms, exchange of experience, new trends, innovation, inspiration.
Pleasant atmosphere, good wine and food, guides and assistance in the mother tongue.

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Gastronomic tours

Tuscany is the best destination of all Italian regions for lovers and fans of quality food and drink. Obvious themes include: excursions to renowned wine companies with tasting of famous wines. Further excursions to the companies and farms, which produce typical local specialities e.g. sheep´s cheese, olive oil, home-made pasta and other typical products and seasonal foods. It is also possible to book a lunch / dinner in a typical Tuscan trattoria and / or Michelin restaurant. The programme can include a cooking class as well.

Photogallery – gastronomic tours

Harvesting grapes 

Do you like vintage harvesting atmosphere? Do you appreciate the exquisite taste of Tuscan wine? Do you want to try picking grapes of the Tuscan San Giovese vine variety, from which comes the world´s most famous wine Chianti, Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano, and see wine making process? Come and witness this unique atmosphere, which takes place annually in the first half of September. Enjoy still warm summer days amid picturesque Tuscan countryside. The sunny weather with pleasant temperatures predominates in early September.

We will arrange an accommodation in farmhouses, where you can assist vintners during the harvest. Of course, there is wine cellar tours and wine tasting.

After this experience you will enjoy and taste wine more intensely.

Photogallery - harvesting grapes

Picking olives

This holiday is another of the autumn events - since the end of October throughout November.  Harvesting olives offers a perfect opportunity to be at the beginning of the process, this time of the origin of fine and unique Tuscan olive oil. Thanks to the specific olive tree varieties, climate, harvesting method and processing technology, it differs from any other oils and has a unique, strong and hot taste of artichokes and a smell of freshly cut green grass.

This applies even more as the olive groves do not occur in central or north Europe and therefore there is no better place for this kind of experience than the vast olive groves in Tuscany.

Photogallery – picking olives

Cycling tourism

Tuscany, especially Sienna´s gently rolling hills with cypress-lined alleys, which tower over the landscape like exclamation marks, are very convenient for cycling. The tips for trekking and hiking tours are countless too and you can enjoy still untouched and wild nature while on footpaths.

This type of holiday is ideal for a recreational cycling, during which you can enjoy local countryside and its panorama in peace. In addition, you can have a pleasant break in the natural thermal spa resort and enjoy a sunset over a glass of delicious Brunello di Montalcino at the end of the day. We also arrange bike rental and help you discover the best routes in Tuscany for amateurs as well as for professionals.

Photogallery - cycling tourism

Photogallery – l´Eroica, tradiční závody na kolech v Gaiole in Chianti

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Wine tours Wine tours
Excursions to Italy’s most famous wine regions
Tuscany cuisine - cooking courses Tuscany cuisine - cooking courses
Discover the ancient secrets of Tuscan cuisine
Corporate trips Corporate trips
Off site meetings, reward your star employees, entertain clients
Wedding in Tuscany Wedding in Tuscany
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Student travel Student travel
Travel, entertainment and classes – learning has never been so rewarding
Renaissance villa Paganini RENAISSANCE VILLA PAGANINI
Classic tuscan villa with 4 apartments for 16 person
Podere Fine di Crete PODERE FINE DI CRETE
Tuscan family country house with 6 comfortable apartments, 23 km away from Siena
Detached house for 8 person in Crete Senesi – Val d´Orcia
Independent country villa in Chianti for 8 + 6 pax
Agro-tourism wine homestead with 5 apartments 45 km from Siena
Luxurious country villa in the winery, 17 km far from the beach, Suvereto area
Luxury relais with 8 rooms/suites and 3 apartments in Montepulciano
Tuscan stone walled farmhouse with 7 apartments 3 km away from Cortona
Relais & Spa Il Falco RELAIS & SPA IL FALCO
Luxury relais chateaux with spa and 1* Michelin restaurant